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The new social, people-based internet. Find people, not InformationTM

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BaZaa finds you people rather than information. You get results immediately

BaZaa continuously notifies you of future matches as they happen

Private & Secure

With BaZaa, it is impossible for any third party to steal your data. No "cookies", no pop-ups, no hidden Trojans

Direct, No more middlemen!

With BaZaa, there's no third-party intermediary between your queries and results. Bazaa directly links you to relevant people matching your search, bypassing all third parties

Absolutely FREE to use

Create listings, search queries and get notified at no cost. Bazaa's single-pane client allows you to list and query quickly & easily; no technical expertise required

BaZaa is general-purpose, here are some sample use cases

With BaZaa, there is no charge for creating listings under any category. BaZaa avoids middlemen by linking listings directly and instantly with available demand

Dating & Match finding

Find people in privacy. With no concept of the web, there is nothing to spy on

Real Estate Rentals

Save money by avoiding middlemen. Get connected directly to home/apartment renters and sellers. No more fees to the likes of AirBnB

Local services

Instantly find the best services (plumbers, workmen, doctors, drivers, cooks and more) near you


Get the latest and lowest prices pushed directly to your phone by competing online sellers


Resume Listings

Publish focused resumes and allow companies to find you instantly, bypassing all recruiters and web-sites (monster.com, naukri.com, etc)

Job Listings

Companies can publish job-listings and allow candidates to directly contact them, bypassing recruiters and resume-aggregation websites


Save money by directly contacting cab and auto-drivers nearest you, bypassing taxi-aggregators like Uber and Ola Cabs

Hotel Room Rentals

List your hotels and room-availability for free, avoiding fees to hotel-aggregators such as Oyo Rooms, Zo Rooms, etc

The Internet Comes to you
Search or list only once

wava wava

BaZaa is all about empowering you, the user, to make direct contact with people relevant to your search

  • FREE listings under all categories. You keep 100% of your profits. Bypass all Aggregators
  • Direct Connections. No more middlemen
  • No more Spam. Highly relevant matches
  • Price based Searches. Search for items within your budget
  • Get results immediately, with future matches pushed to you as they happen
  • Search Hyper-local. No more random results
  • You're in control. Decide what to delete & what to keep
wava wava

Search & get results, both now and in the future!

Unlike the web, where you have to rerun your search for updated information, Bazaa brings the internet to you as it changes. Even when there is no current match, future matches against your searches are pushed to you in real-time as they happen

Bazaa uses complex proprietary matching algorithms to get you highly relevant matches. No more spam. You get exactly what you are looking for


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