What it is

BaZaa is a mobile-phone based real-time demand-matching engine for retailers. All searches entered on mobile phones are automatically and instantly matched against any changed or new listing. Matches come to the retailer in real-time, without the end-user having to re-trun the search each time (as is the case with most retail websites, even those that work on mobile devices).

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Why it is better

BaZaa is a sophisticated search engine that instantly matches existing queries on the mobile network with changing retailer listings. Retailers may, for instance, change a listing to reflect a lower price; when the updated listing is published on the network, existing queries that match this changed listing are instantly pushed to the retailer. There is no requirement for end-users to retype or re-execute their queries on their mobile devices, as is the case today.

Changed listings are pushed to matching end-users in real-time. End-users only list their requirements once, and whenever a matching listing is determined, this listing is pushed to the end-user. No wasted time, complete privacy and no more endless searching of multiple websites – BaZaa does the work for you!

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How it works

Anyone running the BaZaa app on their smartphone or desktop can connect to the BaZaa network, where retailers have entered a number of product listings. Users enter a description of what they want, together with a maximum price. BaZaa automatically matches users with listings in real-time - with the benefit that the end-user query “runs” forever, until removed by the end-user; When a query matches a listing, both parties are informed instantly. When a retailer changes a listing (for instance, to run a ‘sale’ across a line of products), BaZaa automatically determines the matching existing queries on the network, without the end-users having to re-type their queries or perform any ‘refresh’ operations.

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