BaZaa is a peer-to-peer decentralized search system that directly links people with other people of relevance. BaZaa allows users to query listings created by other users in a private, secure, untraceable and anonymous manner. Unlike current web-search engines, BaZaa has no centralised database and no web-pages.

Users create private, secure ‘listings’ via the BaZaa Peer installed on their local machines. Queries issued by users across the network are matched against all listings on the peer-to-peer global network and matching results returned to all relevant parties. Future matches are automatically pushed to people for their past listings. The listings created by users on their individual machines together constitute a ‘distributed database’ that is searched concurrently by each query.

Matched people have the option of engaging in a private chat-session which disappears after the session, ensuring no trace of any communications. The relationship happens on a peer-to-peer basis.

With BaZaa, one can now find anyone of interest across the world securely, privately and anonymously. BaZaa stores no information or history on searches; it is a peer-to-peer, fully decentralised internet-switch that brings people together by matching queries to thoughts (expressed as listings). The system thus serves as a search-technology without any ‘middlemen’ such as today’s web-based search technologies.

With the BaZaa design, it is impossible for third-parties, corporations or governments to control or determine which people are exchanging ideas, information, thoughts or any other communications with other people across the world.

How it works

The BaZaa Peer Server is a lightweight application installed on a user’s desktop. BaZaa Peers organize themsevels in a global ‘mesh’ network, with each peer connected to four other peers on the network. This organisation allows for queries to be propagated across the network efficiently using concurrent, parallel processing. BaZaa’s peer-to-peer Mesh design allows it to easily scale to a hundreds of milions of nodes.

Queries are distributed concurrently to all nodes on the mesh-network and matches returned using optimised algorithms. There is no central location for either queries or listings, ensuring privacy, confidentiality and security.

BaZaa has three important characteristics that further enhance privacy, confidentiality, security and appeal


Listings may be optionally tagged to ensure they never leave the machine of the user that creates them. A listing marked ‘confidential’ is never distributed across the network. Instead, matching queries are simply told that a match has been found and the relevant user can open a confidential chat session with the creator of the listing.

Encrypted & Secured

Each ‘hop’, from a peer to any of its four neighbours, is strongly encrypted using the Diffie-Hellman key-exchange method. To further enhance security, Key Encapsulation and time-dependent key-regeneration is added to the communications, rendering the system all but impossible to decode or hack.

Open Source

Finally, BaZaa is an open-source project, allowing any interested party to review the code and add enhancements in a cooperative manner.

No more Middlemen - here are some sample use-cases

With BaZaa, there is no charge for creating listings. listings and queries are simple free-forms text, so there are no restrictions on creating listings on any subject: good, bad or ugly. BaZaa avoids middlemen by linking listings directly and instantly with available end-user demand.

Local services

Instantly find the best services (plumbers, workmen, doctors, drivers, cooks and more) near you

Hotel Room Rentals

List your hotels and room-availability for free, avoiding fees to hotel-aggregators such as Booking.com, Oyo Rooms and others

Dating & Match finding

Find people in privacy. With no concept of the web, there is nothing to spy on

Job Listings

Companies can publish job-listings and allow candidates to directly contact them, bypassing recruiters and resume-aggregation websites


Music, Videos, Shows

Find the music, videos and shows you want on demand, bypassing aggregators such as Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, Amazon and others. Buy, sell and share with end-users directly

Real Estate Rentals

Save money by avoiding middlemen. Get connected directly to home/apartment renters and sellers. No more fees to the likes of AirBnB


Save money by directly contacting cab and auto-drivers nearest you, bypassing taxi-aggregators like Uber, Lyft, Grab, Ola and others

The Internet Comes to you
Search or list only once

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BaZaa empowers you, the user, to make direct contact with people relevant to your search.

  • Untraceable. BaZaa’s unique Peer-to-peer technology ensures that no searches or listings can ever be traced to your machine. There are no IP addresses used in the system and even the worlds most sophisticated supercomputers will find it impossible to unravel the security of the system because of its inherent distributed nature.
  • Secure and Encrypted. Each communication step in the BaZaa network is strongly encrypted with time-dependent regeneration of keys. No third-party authority or agency can hack the BaZaa Network.
  • Direct Connections. No more middlemen.
  • Get results immediately, with future matches pushed to you as they happen.
  • Free Listings. Bypass all aggregators. Increase your profitability
  • You're in control. Decide what to delete & what to keep
wava wava

Search & get results, both now and in the future!

Unlike the web, where you have to rerun your search for updated information, Bazaa brings the internet to you as it changes. Even when there is no current match, future matches against your searches are pushed to you as they occur

Bazaa uses complex proprietary matching algorithms to get you highly relevant matches. No more spam. You get exactly what you are looking for


BaZaa Beta is now available for testing on Windows, Linux and Mac desktops

Frequently Asked Questions

BaZaa is a new, innovative Peer-to-Peer (person-to-person) search application. It is intended to directly find you people of interest rather than websites of interest.

When you make a query on BaZaa, it is matched against listings created by other BaZaa users. There is no concept of web-pages in BaZaa and BaZaa does not search the web.
The search is restricted to the listings created by other BaZaa users. If any listing on the BaZaa network matches a query, the credentials (usually the name, email address and phone number) Of the owner of the listing is provided as the result of the match. Users are free to hide part or all of their credentials.
For instance, the query

“music composer Hollywood”

will match the listing

“Hi. I’m an accomplished Music composed based in Hollywood, California. Feel free to contact me if interested

Once a match is found, the two parties (the person initiating the search and the person matched) may engage in an online chat. The contents of the chat are destroyed at the end of the chat-session, making it all but impossible for any third party to snoop on or to view the chat.

BaZaa is the first global internet search system that directly connects people with other people of interest, with no middlemen or third parties of any kind. It is private, confidential, secure and entirely peer-to-peer. Users control their own queries and listings and may create/destroy these at will. You can now confidently find people matched to your interests without third-parties snooping on your activities in any way.

By connecting you directly with people of interest, whether relating to personal or business interests, BaZaa cuts out all middlemen from the search process, saving valuable time and money. Businesses both small and large, as well as end-users benefit with accurate search results and dramatically lowered costs. There is no advertising on the BaZaa network.

BaZaa only requires an accurate email address for registration. We also ask for your name and mobile phone number as part of your credentials. However, the application allows you to hide any or all parts of your credentials when a match occurs, in which case the only way for the matched party to connect with you is via the BaZaa Chat, the contents of which can only be viewed by the two chatting parties and then only for the duration of the session. Chat contents are destroyed immediately after the chat is finished, thus assuring there is never any trace of any conversation.

BaZaa is completely democratic in matching queries with listings. If a Government agency makes a query that matches any of your listings, they will be able to connect and chat with you. It is a corporate policy of BaZaaNetworks Ltd to keep all queries and listings entirely confidential. Ownership of the queries and listings belongs to users, who may delete them at will. As such, the system is entirely private and secure.

The production version of BaZaa will is implemented on a blockchain architecture, ensuring a decentralised implementation that cannot be controlled of influenced by any central organisation. BaZaa uses the EOS Blockchain - known to be one of the fastest blockchain operating systems on the market with support for over 10,000 transactions/sec, scaling to well over 100,000 transactions/sec and millions of users. Once on the blockchain, no authority (government or otherwise) will be able to shut down the BaZaa network. BaZaa brings freedom and liberty to the internet in a way that no other search technology is attempted to date.

Since all listings and queries on the BaZaa network are controlled by users, there is no restriction whatsoever on any communications. It is the responsibility of the user to comply with applicable laws in all jurisdictions. The BaZaa network does not examine or validate content in any way. It is purely a free-form search system based on matching queries with listings.

BaZaa is not limited by geography. User queries are matched against the listings of all global users. All matches are tagged with an ’estimated distance' calculation and matches can be sorted By distance. Future releases will allow finer-grained control of geography-specific searches.

Chats are exclusively one-on-one, between the person creating the query and the current match being chatted to. Data may only be viewed by the two chatting parties and then only for the duration of the chat session. All data is deleted immediately on the close of the chat. Neither the BaZaa network itself nor any third-party can view the contents of a chat.

Peer-to-peer means “Person to Person”. A person in Singapore might make a query and may get multiple matches, one from Australia, another from Belgium, a third from the USA and so on and choose to start a chat-session with any of the matches. However, one can only start one chat-session at a time or view the results of one match at a time, so at any given time, you are only interacting with a single person.

The use of BaZaa is free.

BaZaa’s business model is to charge users a fee for ‘premium listings' higher up in the order when matches occur. This is much the same as the model used by certain web-based search engines, except that the results And relevance of BaZaa matches are far more accurate.

Since all listings are created by and managed exclusively by end-users, BaZaaNetworks Ltd. has no control over content. Queries and listings are never examined or vetted by the BaZaa application. BaZaa is an entirely closed network for use between people that consent to have their listings obtained by other users when matched by a query created by those users. BaZaa cannot and does not make any guarantees for any listings or queries.

Future releases of BaZaa may add ‘ratings’ relating to end-users based on feedback from other end-users, either directly or via third-party partners. However, at no point will any users be restricted in any way from creating listings of their own choice.

Because there is no “public web” of any kind associated with the BaZaa application, BaZaa is beyond the scope of the current global legal system as it relates to the internet. Bazaa is a truly democratic system designed to allow the world to enjoy true liberty and freedom.

The current release of BaZaa does not support private queries or listings. Future releases will support ‘password protected’ queries which can only be matched by listings that also contain A matching password. This feature allows groups of users to create embedded private networks over BaZaa to secure their searches across a closed community.

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