Chat Redefined

OffGrid is the World’s most secured Anonymous Chat Platform

  • No phone numbers or email addresses
  • No history or storage of messages
  • No hidden access to your mic, camera, location or contacts
  • No tracing or tracking
  • Assured anonymity


Direct Connections, No more middlemen.

No Tracking, No Tracing, No Censorship

Type your interest with simple keywords and instantly match against any Buzz created by other users on the network. With no central servers or database, BaZaaa ensures that your Buzz and Interest always stays with you, away from prying eyes.

Best match without any history

Always find what you’re looking for

Once you’re matched with relevant people, start an individual or group chat. Chats are strictly between the parties and disappear when parties close their chat windows. No history, no tracking or tracing.

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Your content always stays with you

Any Buzz or Interest you publish stays on your machinie: no central servers. Further, BaZaa stores no information or history on the Interest people express and only requires a nickname and password to operate: no mandatory phone numbers and email addresses.

With BaZaa, it is impossible for third-parties, corporations or governments to control or determine which people are exchanging ideas, information, thoughts or any other communications with other people across the world.