Comparison with Google

1. Web-Centric, centralised, vs. Non-Web, decentralised Internet

Google is a web-search engine. When one uses google, one is limited to the web-pages that Google indexes. Importantly, a Google search always returns a web-page and never the name of a Person. As such, Google is the ultimate ‘middleman’ of the internet.

With BaZaa, there are no web-pages. BaZaa defines a whole new Internet experience where your ’search’ finds content created by other users on the network. Each match of your search (“Interest”) on BaZaa is a person with whom you can interact directly. This way, BaZaa removes the ‘middleman’ (web-search engine) of the Internet altogether and defines a brand new context of global internet search.

2. Disintermediating Web-based Internet Services

The direct “person to person” model of BaZaa also serves the purpose of disintermediating Internet service-providers such as Uber/Ola/Grab (Taxi services), Hotels/apartments/rentals (AirBnB, others), Sales (Ebay, others) and most other web-based business suppliers.

All such companies are essentially middlemen, brokering deals between buyers and sellers. By providing direct connections between people, BaZaa provides the platform to eliminate whole sectors of business, replacing them with efficient software and technology solutions.