With more and more governments invading privacy and big tech companies fighting to maintain the privacy for users and sometimes paradoxically censoring them, we are seeing the need for consumers who wish to freely express their views without any worries of compromise or censorship by the hosting company.

Bazaa works well and suits the purpose of private communication with like minded people and at the same time is 100% privacy assured

So how does it work?

The Bazaa App once downloaded does not ask for any of your private information like mobile phone or email. You can create any user name which is available and start connecting with like-minded people right away.

So, how to you connect with people of interest?
This is done by typing your “interest”

Interest is a word or phrase on any subject, people names, or anything which interests you. This interest is posted onto the BaZaa network and matched against “Buzz” created by other users on the network.

What is “Buzz”?

Buzz is a collection of words on any subject, expressing your thoughts, ideas or simply anything you wish. For instance, you can post the sentence “certain politicians are more clever than others” as Buzz and anyone that types the interest “politician clever” (or any phrase that is included in the Buzz) will match your Buzz and allow the corresponding user(s) to connect with you.

This way, Buzz and interest allow like-minded people to connect with each other as long as both parties are online, and once connected multiple-people can chat with each other. Chats can be either one-on-one or multi-person, depending on your choice.

You can chat as a group with more than one person depending on the number of people in the buzz chat.

Bazaa is safe, private and fast to communicate. It does not store your messages and hence it is not available for any snoopy governments to ask for message source or names. Additionally, Buzz and Interest phrases remain on the phones/machines of the users that created them, giving you full control of your content. BaZaa merely matches you up with other like-minded people.

Besides being 100% secure, BaZaa is also untraceable and uncensored. You therefore have complete freedom of speech with the assurance that no authority of any kind can restrict you in any way.

Enjoy Bazaa !