Privacy Policy

To use BaZaa you create a nickname with an associated password. The nickname and password are stored in encrypted form on our servers. Other than this, BaZaa does not collect any other Personal Information from any user.

Since BaZaa is not web-based, it does not use any Cookies. Further, BaZaa does not collect any personal information from any users automatically using background processes or the like. If you choose to communicate with us with respect to providing feedback or participating in surveys, we may store the communication for a certain period of time.

All Buzz and Interest that you create is stored on your personal device and not on any BaZaa servers. BaZaa Chats are fully encrypted and entirely transient and no chat messages are stored on any BaZaa servers. BaZaa may use your Interest and Buzz to order search and match results.

All of the personal information noted above is used by BaZaa exclusively and only for the provision of the BaZaa services.