Comparison with Twitter

BaZaa’s broadcast function is a bit like Twitter but with some important differences:

1. Censorship

Like most other social media platforms today, Twitter is a heavily censored, serving essentially as an enforcement arm for Leftist/communist governments among others. As such, any tweets critical of people, places or events that Twitter management does not fancy are simmrily deleted.

BaZaa remains a completely uncensored platform, making it the only platform in the world today with complete freedom of speech and expression.

2. Private vs. Public web-based internet

Twitter is a public, web-based internet platform where every tweet is also posted on the twitter website, free for all to see.

BaZaa is a private, “off web” platform without any public interfaces. Unlike twitter, BaZaa creates a direct ‘people to people’ internet with assured privacy and security.

3. Anonymity and Traceability

BaZaa allows users to optionally remain completely anonymous, with only a nickname and password required to use the platform. Users may, at their sole discretion, choose to expose their email, phone numbers and other credentials to matching parties but this remains the exclusive choice of the user. As additional protection, BaZaa ensures that no messages can be traced to their original source.

Twitter has no features to support anonymity. All Tweets can be easily traced back to their senders and this is used by authoritarian governments to severely repress free-speech globally. Indeed, this is the state of affairs today.

4. Centralised vs. Decentralised networks

BaZaa is a fully decentralised network, where the data of each user is stored exclusively on the user’s devices and/or machine(s).

No data on any user-created Buzz or Interest is stored on any central server and there are no web-interfaces for any user.

These features secure and protect BaZaa users from all central authorities that wish to restrict freedom of expression in any form. With BaZaa, users have full control of all their data, which they can change and/or delete at any time.

Twitter is a fully-centralised platform which stores all user-content and exposes it via the Web. This allows the cotrollers of the platform to arbiitrariily censor users at their own behest or at the behest of thiird-parties, governments and/or oligarchs/olligopolies.